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Although the bishops were unable to get it, by luck I got hold of an advance copy of the keynote speaker’s address, from Sister Pearl OC (Order of the Clam),  at the upcoming annual assembly of the LCWR in St. Louis August 7-10. I though it worth repeating here Sister Pearl’s opening invitation to prayer: 

On The Purpose of Life

Thus spake our departed Sister Moon Sun Shi who is here among us in spirit, whispering in our ears her blessed isms : Ye are he who is, as ye are she who is; thus, ye who are he and she are both in is, just as ye are both he and she separate yet together; separate and together do ye abide as he and she within is, yet still be ye both a glimmer of is. Yea, less ye allow unrest to trouble thy mind, let it be known that what is perchance to be that what is, he and she may not be as is truly is, as he and she are not like unto is as is always was and still is the quantum void, but rather ye who are he and she do dwell within it.

Let us pray. Listen to our opening theme music, and be inspired. (Sister Pearl directed to point up to the large screen above her head): 

UPDATE: Dang! It sounds like I was pretty much on the mark after reading about the new age guru who made the keynote speech.  I just might invite her over for dinner (I make a great bean sprouts salad and brew organic basil tea) and listen to my Yanni collection.


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