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Each day I sin, I strike a nail in Our Lord’s cross. 

The other day I was watching a show on EWTN hosted by Fr. Benedict Groeschel. I greatly admire this good and gentle old priest. The topic was “Teaching Orders in the Church.” Fr. Groeschel invited two guests, one of which was Christian Brother (CB) Edward Sheilds (ES). ES, to the best of my knowledge, is not one of the morally bankrupt and disgraced Irish CBs.

I was curious as to what ES would say because I was educated by the Christian Brothers during the 1960s. The Christian Brothers is an order of teaching laity founded by a priest and saint, Saint Jean-Baptiste de La Salle. However, because the Brothers do not take Holy Orders, they do not take priestly vows nor may they act in the place of priests. This may be confusing to the general population because CBs wear black garb that is similar to a priest. Unsuspecting persons, and that includes parents and their children seeking a good Catholic education, assume because of outward appearances, the CBs think and act like priests. This is not so.

I received as good an academic education as one may receive at any Catholic HS in the country. My school alumni directory is loaded with Brainiacs of every conceivable type—business, science, politics, arts, sports. High IQs abounded among the teaching staff and students. Back when the SATs were 1600 (harder than today!), we had our share of annual perfect or near-perfect score-makers. Alas! A lethal combination of nature and nurture prevented me from attaining such heights.

However, if the goal was to properly form the minds of young Catholic men and equip them with an adult understanding of the Faith, ready to face the moral challenges that were bound to happen, and to lead their souls to Heaven, then the CBs of my time utterly failed and are no less a disgrace to the Church than any of the wolves in sheep’s clothing now leading the Church towards schism.

The CBs did everything possible to steer our minds away from Church teaching, not in direct defiance but in more subtle cunning ways. We did not study Augustine or any of the Patristic Fathers; Thomas Aquinas or any of the Church Doctors; or any of the heroes of the Church, like Saint Agatha, or closer to our own time, people like Cardinal Jezsef Mindszenty, Sister Faustina, or Edith Stein. We did not study modern Church teaching as applied in the Catechism. We studied Darwin and Marx, Utopian theory, situational ethics, and secular humanism. We believed in Holden Caulfield and followed him as if he was the second coming. We learned how to properly apply a condom. In adulthood we learned how to become New Agers, Atheists, Agnostics, or Universalists; and followers of Modernism, Scientism, Malthusianism, or any fashionable belief system, just so long as it wasn’t Catholicism.

Thanks to the CBs, I fell into it all; I was ignorant of the true Faith and rationalized my unbelief, my sins, and my life-avoiding decisions. And if there is one thing that I regret, it’s that because of such beliefs we did not have more children. I miss having more kids and grandkids.

What of the CBs today? By their active support of the LGBT agenda at CB colleges such as Manhattan in NYC, Lewis in Ill., and CBU in Memphis, they still cling to their falsehoods. By necessity, in supporting key planks of the progressive movement, they must support them all in order to maintain position and not antagonize their friends. Directly or indirectly, the CBs support the Culture of Death. My views are known to the CBs at my HS and my classmates on the HS senior blog. The vitriol on the blog is immense, as are the superior claims to brain power and logic leveled against me, as is the rejection of ancient Church teachings; but not that all surprising, coming from such well trained Catholic anti-Catholics.

Sorry Fr. Groeschel. For these reasons I do not support the CBs in any way, shape or form.

UPDATE: Unrelated to the above show, it was announced by EWTN that Fr. G. would not be returning. We hope and pray that Fr. G. will keep the peace of Our Lord in his heart, for he is a kindly old gentleman and deserving of the heavenly gates. (IMHO)


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