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I remember reading an essay on military tactics during the War Between the States—Generals on both sides deployed their troops in 18th Century attack formations using “modern” 19th Century arms. The carnage was both immediate and apparent.

Immediate in that once engaged, the speed at which battles were fought was greatly accelerated and apparent in that if battle commanders did not adapt to the new technology, a great many men were sure to die without purpose.
For Northern Generals, modern military technology gave rise to new and modern theories of engagement, especially the notion that total war was possible, that is, to completely destroy the ways and means whereby an enemy may engage in war and in so doing, destroy their will. In practice this meant the obliteration of entire civilian communities, for example, in Sherman’s March to the Sea.

The lesson of genius is that being a  genius in one thing does not make a person a genius in all things and it is impossible to predict every possibility, whether the results will be beneficial or unsavory. Did the arms-makers of the 19th Century foresee that their inventions would lead to the acceptance of total mass destruction in wartime? The best we can do is admit that possibilities exist, watch them unfold, and take proper moral action when necessary.

Faith is an odd thing. We believe in an Invisible Almighty God, and what He wants from us is predictable and good. It is understood in  properly formed minds through inspiration, prayer, instruction, and practice. Yet we also put our faith in men, often times above God. Men whose actions are unpredictable and may not be good at all and contrary to our beliefs in God. The visible order trumps God’s order. Why do we accept Man over God? What are the consequences?

Occasionally I come across articles that list companies which support organizations and public officials spouting views contrary to Church teaching on faith and morals, especially abortion, contraception and same-sex marriage. The intent is to inform, to encourage you to communicate your displeasure to the powers that be, and to exert pressure by boycotting their goods and services if they don’t change.

The list of companies is endless; I don’t know how I could function in society if I boycotted every company that I think is deserving of my wrath. Food, clothing, shelter are all affected; so too material possessions like the interior furnishings and appliance in my home, my car, even the gas I put in my car, and the garden stuff I buy and where I buy it. The things I enjoy most for entertainment, movies and sports, are affected. The restaurants we choose to dine out. I do what I can (I really do not know if I’m doing enough!) and that’s about it.

But what of the companies themselves, do they not see the possibilities? Consider the more than fifty million abortions in the US over the past forty years as well as the millions more that would have been born if the previously aborted had not been murdered in the womb and come of age. The statistically proven below-replacement rates looming in Russia, China, and Western Europe. What is predictable is a decreasing rate of population growth and then a decline in population altogether as older people die and there is no one to take their place. It doesn’t happen all at once, but over decades.

If true, what of the long range strategic plans of companies like Microsoft, Apple, Kraft Foods, JC Penney, Kellogg, and General Mills, among others? They support in one way or another progressive views on population control, abortion, contraception, same-sex marriage, etc. However, they depend on consumers, but where do consumers come from? Kill off God, freedom of religion, true marriage, family, and babies and in time you kill off consumers. Eventually, such companies stagnate, investment values decline, expansion plans fail, and they become minor players, are bought out, or die on the vine.

God gave us free will and He will not turn us into automatans at this point.  If the people of a country chooses to downsizes its population, then everything worth preserving about that country, not just the big companies, is downsized. Doesn’t make sense to me, but God will let us have our way in the end, even if it means choosing Hell over Heaven.


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There are certain people in life who command respect because  they have earned it the hard way.  A Marine arrayed in his dress blues, or one of the  elite Army Corp wearing the triple-stacked tabs of Special Forces, Ranger, and Airborne on his left shoulder.

I once felt the same way about the Society of Jesus, whom many people deservedly called the “Marine Corp” of the Catholic Church. I read of their exploits and courage,  and greatly admired them.  But no more. Long ago, the Jesuits abdicated their role as “Stalwart Defenders of the Faith” and descended into ‘Fallen Angel” status, as evidenced in their words and deeds.

A recent  example follows. Three Jesuits gather round to support a pro-abortion group:


Many Jesuit-run institutions,  according to the  Cardinal Newman Society, support pro-abortion and gay activities, clubs, referrals, and  commencement speakers on campus, all in the name of academic freedom and self-determination.  But where is God’s Law in all of this?

I wonder if a single Jesuit can defend abortion and/or homosexual unions with the Words of Christ or the Acts of the Apostles as found in the New Testament, or in Catholic Tradition applied from Christ’s Words. I bet you dollars to donuts they can’t!

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