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Thank the heavens for the internet. Once upon a time, when bishops, priests, and nuns did brainless things, us folks in the pews had a hard time finding out. But not anymore, given the steady rise in Catholic bloggers and news sites. Even the anti-Catholic and CINO sites serve a purpose. Is there a lay counter-revolution to the Catholic liberal establishment brewing?

I was first a political junkie and had never searched the internet for a Catholic website until around 2010. I had written a response to Salon regarding an abortion article they had published. I was accused by one of the pro-aborts of mimicking many of the arguments on the anti-abortion sites. When I countered that I had never read a single one they accused me of lying. However, it is true. I had my Catholic bible, Catechism, a few books on bible commentaries, and a few on the lives of the saints. I had my Faith, and reason informed by Faith. I had the Sacraments. Did I need more?

If you were to ask me in 2010 to name a living, well-known “professional” Catholic, theologian, or philosopher I could not name a one, other than the Pope. I prefer the dead ones: the Apostles, St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, and Archbishop Sheen. I like my Catholic leaders, men or women, to have a little guts, like Joseph Mindszenty, and not to act like complete cowards in the face of adversity. I like to see priests in their cassocks and nuns in their habits. Just about every time I see a priest or nun in secular business dress, they are preaching heresy.

What does the Catholic internet scene look like in 2012? It seems to me that the internet has had a major effect in reaching Catholics and it continues to grow. A shame really that the priests cannot do the same from the pulpit. The internet has exposed the wolves in sheep’s clothing among the clerics. A bishop in the DC area will get his rear-end kicked in if he sides with a lesbian non-Catholic over a devout priest. The same if a bishop promotes or ignores active homosexual activity in churches in Boston, LA, or Chicago. The same if a priest or nun heading a CINO college or hospital proudly announces their anti-Catholic practices to the entire world.

Some professional Catholic bloggers believe we should be more loving in our reactions to Catholic nonconformity and not bludgeon our errant fellow Catholics. Balderdash! Do not insult my intelligence! I struggle with sin every day of my life and am remorseful of my weaknesses; yet am I to condone the actions of pro-aborts and active gays in the Church? Do they get a free pass on the sins I must confess? It is called scandal in Church parlance, and we have it in abundance. What to do?


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