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With these few words, we declare our faith in God and the power of God: “He could, it was fitting, therefore He did it!” The Latin seems to have a greater authority than simple English, just as  when a judge declares a final verdict and hammers down the gavel. Bang! It is finished! Latin is the gavel to our beliefs.

Man-to-man, Latin is a dead language. However, I’ve come to think of Latin as a sacred language, to be used when praying man-to-God and when spoken or sung during the Mass. When sung, it sounds to me like a choir of angels singing at the throne of the Almighty.

Is it not fitting that we pay homage to God in a unique and special way? After all, God is the Beginning and the End, unlike our created existence. Doesn’t He deserve something special? Latin does it for me.

I’ve always hated studying a second language and only had average grades in high school Latin and German. In my geezer stage I’m learning a Latin phrase or two thanks to the many Catholic bloggers out there, plus looking up a few prayers and hymns on my own in their Latin versions. I still hate to memorize!

Following are a few things  in Latin that I really like:

Italian is honorary Latin!

A little Latin, a little English!

Does anyone else care to add their favorite Latin verses or hymns?


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