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There are certain people in life who command respect because  they have earned it the hard way.  A Marine arrayed in his dress blues, or one of the  elite Army Corp wearing the triple-stacked tabs of Special Forces, Ranger, and Airborne on his left shoulder.

I once felt the same way about the Society of Jesus, whom many people deservedly called the “Marine Corp” of the Catholic Church. I read of their exploits and courage,  and greatly admired them.  But no more. Long ago, the Jesuits abdicated their role as “Stalwart Defenders of the Faith” and descended into ‘Fallen Angel” status, as evidenced in their words and deeds.

A recent  example follows. Three Jesuits gather round to support a pro-abortion group:


Many Jesuit-run institutions,  according to the  Cardinal Newman Society, support pro-abortion and gay activities, clubs, referrals, and  commencement speakers on campus, all in the name of academic freedom and self-determination.  But where is God’s Law in all of this?

I wonder if a single Jesuit can defend abortion and/or homosexual unions with the Words of Christ or the Acts of the Apostles as found in the New Testament, or in Catholic Tradition applied from Christ’s Words. I bet you dollars to donuts they can’t!


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